Shopify Conversion Optimization

Shopify Conversion Optimization provides comprehensive, seamless conversion rate optimization to drive more sales. Our technology combines professional optimization skills with Shopify data to help businesses generate more sales. Successful companies achieve - on average - up to 30% higher sales.

Shopify Conversion Optimization helps you sell faster and better. You too can take advantage of powerful tools such as personalized product recommendations, ratings, referrals and more to create a better buying experience and increase conversion rates.

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Connect your WordPress WooCommerce store with the Kaufland API to enable accelerated ordering and delivery processes. Access Kaufland's customer data and orders automatically, increasing your efficiency.

Shop size (sales): Less than €1,000 a day

Shop size (sales)

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Particularly suitable for companies whose products or services are not suitable for social ads or offline advertising

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Not suitable for companies or service providers with a small advertising budget who are just starting out and do not want to expand

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