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Our team of experts offers you top-notch figma design services for web and mobile projects. With a combination of creative thinking and technical expertise, we strive to create unique, user-friendly and responsive designs that meet your customers' needs. We attach great importance to the quality of our work and pride ourselves on delivering modern and high-quality results that will also impress your customers.

Whether you're a startup looking to create a new website or app, or an established business looking to modernize and optimize your online presence, our experienced team is here to help. Let's work together to create an outstanding user experience that your customers will remember.


  • High quality, pixel perfect web UI design
  • Website landing page UI
  • Mobile app UI design
  • Bootstrap grid system UI layout
  • Includes layout elements, icons and fonts
  • Provision of assets for the development team
  • HD PNG/JPG mockups and much more
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Connect your WordPress WooCommerce store with the Kaufland API to enable accelerated ordering and delivery processes. Access Kaufland's customer data and orders automatically, increasing your efficiency.

scope of the design: 1 page (incl. 2 revisions)

scope of the design

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Particularly suitable for companies whose products or services are not suitable for social ads or offline advertising

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Not suitable for companies or service providers with a small advertising budget who are just starting out and do not want to expand

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